ICO: Due Diligence and Evaluation

By Steve Tendon, Director at ChainStrategies

Venue, Date & Time

Phoenicia Hotel, Floriana   |   TBA
13:30 – 17:00 including coffee break


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Participation Fee

€450 per person  |  cheques payable to The Institute of Legal Studies Malta

The context of this workshop

In the first quarter of 2018 the global Initial Coin Offering (ICO) funding passed 2017’s total of  USD 6.3 Billion.  Even the sheer number of ICOs grew by almost 60% in the first quarter of 2018, compared to the whole of 2017. ICOs will be a growing phenomenon in the coming years.
The Government of Malta has approved three bills regulating cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies. Consequently, a number of companies are attracted to Malta, because of this new legislation — and many will come with the idea of raising funds via an ICO.
If you are a corporate/legal service provider being approached by such companies, you will be challenged to correctly evaluate if their intentions are legitimate and lawful. In addition to ordinary due diligence procedures, you will have to deal with the serious concern of understanding if their propositions are credible or not. Even lawful, but failing ICO initiatives bear a huge reputational risk, that you might not be willing to bear by association, as a service provider; let alone those that have no pristine intent.
This ICO Due Diligence and Evaluation workshop is designed to give you a cohesive overview and understanding about what are the critical success factors and necessary conditions for a legitimate and winning ICO. The workshop will put you in a position to determine whether or not a prospective client intending to run an ICO is worthwhile taking onboard or not.

What does the workshop cover?

Over the course of this workshop, you will explore the many facets that need to be considered when dealing with an ICO, as well as the effects of the Maltese regulation on this industry; enhancing your comprehension of ICO funding, and providing you with the knowledge and insights to confidently evaluate ICOs in order to better serve this new class of clients.

Key outcomes

The workshop will provide you with:

  • A foundational knowledge of how blockchains work, and how smart contracts provide the basis for ICOs.
  • A high-level understanding of the ERC-20 ICO token standard.
  • Good practices for managing and criteria for evaluating an ICO before it is launched, during its execution, and after its conclusion.
  • Overview of how the Maltese regulation considers ICOs

Is this workshop for you?

Some of the many sectors suitable for deeper blockchain/ICO awareness include: banking; investment; executive/non-executive directors for MFSA entities; corporate service providers; financial/tax advisors; audit & accounting; compliance officials; brokers and financial market operators; insurance and risk; lawyers, legal and notary; legislators & regulators; financial authorities; iGaming & IT; business consultants and strategists; journalists.

Whom you will learn from

Steve Tendon is a senior executive management consultant, adviser, speaker and author. Steve’s research and consulting work focuses on the use of emerging technologies — in particular Blockchain technologies — to improve business performance. He holds a MSc in Software Project Management with the University of Aberdeen, a MIT Fintech Innovation: Future Commerce certificate with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and an Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme certificate with the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford.
In 2016 he was the strategic adviser for the Ministry of Economy, Investment and Small Business of the Maltese Government, and developed the vision of Malta, the Blockchain Island. He was the lead designer and author of Malta’s National Blockchain Strategy, which was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers in April, 2017. Subsequently he was appointed to Malta’s National Blockchain Task Force  advising the Ministry for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation within the Office of the Prime Minister on further developing and implementing the country’s blockchain strategy.
In 2018 he was acclaimed in the Lattice80 Blockchain 100 list of global Blockchain influencers (http://www.lattice80.com/lattice80-blockchain-100-report/).

Whom you will learn with

The topics covered by the workshop appeal to a broad audience of professional. One purpose of the workshop is to allow you to engage and interact with other like minded professionals that share a deep interest in the topics. As a result you will walk away with:

  • A qualified network of like minded professionals.
  • The opportunity to collaborate with diverse experts, and to uncover business opportunities across multiple perspectives.
  • Access to the ChainStrategies Community, where your learning experience will continue even after the workshop.

Beyond the workshop: The ChainStrategies Community

The ChainStrategies community is a professionally managed community where you will find curated content, insights and commentaries through which your learning experience will continue even beyond the workshop. Within the community website,  you as well as other workshop participants, will have access to an exclusive area, wherein you can continue to interact with the instructor and engage with the other participants, to further develop your understanding of the topics, as well as being informed about the latest relevant developments in the industry.

An outstanding collaboration

The workshop is the joint effort of ChainStrategies and of the Institute of Legal Studies Malta.


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ChainStrategies ensures decision makers gain the best insights to make strategic business decisions around Blockchain technologies.
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The Institute of Legal Studies Malta   

The Institute of Legal Studies was set up by Ganado & Associates, Advocates in 2005, to meet the growing demand for information about law amongst the legal and commercial communities in Malta.
ILS reaches this goal through education and training: it not only provides practical courses, but also supports research and publishes studies in topical legal areas.
The blend of academic and practical knowledge in each course varies according to the particular interests and requirements of the participants.
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