The Institute of Legal Studies regularly hosts courses on many aspects of Maltese law, aimed at students and companies alike. Courses cover many aspects of the law, including Company Law, Trust Law, Shipping Law, Insurance Law, EU Law, and Labour Law. View our upcoming courses below.

The Law of Succession: An Overview of the law governing the Transmission of an Estate Causa Mortis

Oct 2018 — This course will give you an overview of the law regulating succession, testate or intestate, and will provide an in-depth analysis of the novelty of trusts and foundations in the testamentary field.

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The Duties of Directors

Sep 2018 — This course is for persons who will be offering their services to act as directors, corporate service providers and persons wishing to familiarise themselves further with the role of a director of Maltese limited liability companies.

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Company Law Course

Oct 2018 — The course introduces the concepts, requirements and procedures of company law with particular emphasis on the application and operation of the law.

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Customer Due Diligence

Oct 2018 — The sessions will cover the CDD process by a subject person in terms of the current Prevention of Money Laundering & Funding of Terrorism Regulations and on the risk based approach that needs to be undertaken by the subject person in the CDD process.

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ICO: Due Diligence and Evaluation

Oct 2018 — This workshop is designed to give you a cohesive overview and understanding about what are the critical success factors and necessary conditions for a legitimate and winning ICO.

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