DLT Malta: Thoughts from the Blockchain Island

What makes Malta the leading blockchain and DLT jurisdiction in the world? Malta is the first to develop a bespoke legal framework from scratch to regulate blockchain, DLT, cryptocurrency and all related technologies. Malta has moreover produced sensible and streamlined tax guidelines to accommodate these assets and technologies simply and without undue effort and expense. “DLT Malta” explores the history of Malta as a blockchain jurisdiction, lays out the facilities and opportunities that Malta offers in this sector, and is a showcase of the thinking and activities of Malta’s leading authorities, experts, and regulators in this sector.

Published by the Blockchain Malta Association, whose purpose is to promote Malta as the leading DLT jurisdiction, as well as to promote all aspects of these technologies, this book is intended to serve as a comprehensive introduction to Malta’s potential in this sector. Co-edited by Patrick L. Young and Joseph Anthony Debono, this book carries contributions by Ramona Azzopardi, Tyron Baron, Leonard Bonello, Diane Bugeja, Christopher Buttigieg, Charlene Cassar, Joseph Anthony Debono, Joshua Ellul, Jean Paul Fabri, Stephanie Fabri, Max Ganado, Ian Gauci, Simon Mercieca, Gordon Pace, Gerd Sapiano, Lida Sherafatmand, Lara Tanti, Sophia Tillie, Rachel Vella Baldacchino, Patrick L. Young, and David Zammit (Zeta). The book contains forwards by Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat, Parliamentary Secretary for the sector Silvio Schembri, Chairman of FinanceMalta Kenneth Farrugia, and Chairman of the Blockchain Malta Association Patrick L. Young. Cover illustration based on original art by Lida Sherafatmand.

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