The Cross-Border Succession Regulation – A Practitioner’s Overview

Course Content

  1. The Scope of the Regulation
  1. Establishing the Applicable Law
    – The Principle of the Unity of Succession;
    – The Choice of Law by the Testator;
    – Default Rules;
    – How to determine the deceased’s habitual residence at the time of death;
  1. Special Rules on Applicable Law:
    – Agreements as to Succession;
    – Dispositions of Property upon Death;
    – Renvoi;
    – Acceptance/waiver of estate;
    – States with more than one legal system;
  1. Jurisdiction, Recognition and Enforcement of Decisions
  1. The European Certificate of Succession: Purpose, Creation and Effects
    – Creation of Certificate;
    – Purpose of Certificate;
    – Application for Certificate;
    – Issue of Certificate;
    – Contents of Certificate;
    – Effects of Certificate;
    – Rectification, modification or withdrawal of the Certificate;
    – Redeem procedures;
    – Suspension of the effects of the Certificate;
  1. The Implementation of the Regulation in Malta: An overview of the amendments made to the:
    – Civil Code;
    – Notarial Profession and Notarial Archives Act; and
    – Public Registry Act;
  1. Practical Case Studies

Lecturers: Dr. Anthony Cremona, Partner, GANADO Advocates
                  Dr. Liana Micallef, Associate, GANADO Advocates


A certificate of attendance will be issued to all participants who attend the sessions.

Venue, Dates & Time

Institute of Legal Studies,19/12 Vincenti Buildings, Strait Street, Valletta VLT1432, Malta

Thursday 11th & Friday 12th February, 2016 

Thursday: 1400 – 1630hrs including registration and coffee break

Friday: 1300 – 1530hrs including registration and coffee break

Participation Fee

€60 (subsidised preferential rate for Notaries); cheques payable to Kunsill Nutarili ta’ Malta and sent to ILS Tuition Centre, 19/12 Vincenti Buildings, Strait Street, Valletta  VLT1432


If you are interested kindly use our online registration form.

This session is only open to Notaries

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